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Top Ten Main Issues In Agriculture

Agriculturists are experiencing issues every day. They have many difficulties and opportunities along the way. In this article, we have gathered a list of farmer’s agricultural issues. This survey will encourage the farmers to identify the problem and to develop them for more opportunities. The modern and innovative world will promote them to achieve their goals in the agriculture field.

Issues from the Survey

1. Growing Global Demand

This issue is evolving across the globe. They were encountering a problem of supplying the growing population demand for commodities. And also the peak demand from the economies. This is suffering a notable impact on the supply of food security.

2. Climate Change

Another issue is the climate change that is affecting their farming process and to harvest on time. Purchasing of the commodities during calamities is more in demand.

3. Energy Cost

The significant cost of power or electricity that is shouldering by our farmers are a big problem.. This is one of the leading issues that they are facing every day. The cost is too expensive and sometimes lost half of the farmer’s profit.

4. The Labor Sorrow

It was all started about the tax that laborers are shouldering. The challenge on how they are facing agriculture issues such as continues supplies of workers are now having difficulties to get a solution on this matter.

5. The Trade and Investment

The investments from Indonesia and trading are one of the issues rocking the agricultural system.

6. The critical issue in Water

This is one of the most massive problems for many struggling farmers. The agriculturist developed a proposal in 2014, moving to finalize the Waters in United States rule that released in May. We are all living because of this essential substance. Proper conservation of water is the best solution. Modern agriculture is the world’s most global user of water.

7. Rate and Impact of the Development in Technology

The technology will give more learning to the concerned farmers. But they need improving themselves to be well skilled in innovation procedure. This is one of the issues that old-fashioned farmer is coping and improving.

8. The Safety and Security on Farms

Farmers are also encountering dangers from their farm. Laborers are equally entitled to receive security. The farmers need seminars, so they can learn the safety measures to assist them in some situations.

9. Biosecurity

Biosecurity is naturally needed in agriculture. This will generously help to prevent the farm of the spreading of infectious diseases. One of the biggest biosecurity problems in the farming history is the infection of the flock of birds or herd of animals. Biosecurity will provide resistance to the environment. They will give antibiotics and immunizations to prevent the animals from being infected. The ultimate procedure is to disinfect. No healthier places with a location are sanitized. This will keep your farm healthy and safe.

10. The Consumer Activism and Trends

The rising of consumer activism is ruling the consumerism. These attend the people who are influencing the way in which the commodities are delivered or produced. They are focusing on how the animals turn into foods. This is more focus on the bodily welfare.

There are numbers of factors that agricultural challenges are directly affecting our organizational culture. Dr. Chuck Rice efficiently conducted a long-term research about this Issue.

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